Event product and planning are two processes that are a whole lot harder than they look. Have you ever attended an event that appeared to come together so seamlessly? Countless brains had to work for many hours to make that happen. There are aspects of event sound and lighting that most people will never know in their life. But if you have an event coming up in Jacksonville and you’re curious about the process, we’re here to debunk the three most common misconceptions about the event production industry.

"I can cut corners with my sound and lighting. No one will notice."

If there’s one aspect of your event to invest your budget, it’s the AV and digital lighting production. While attendees merely glance at name tags and likely won’t remember the welcome gifts, they will certainly pay attention to the ease of the event proceedings. 

Was it hard for guests to hear the speaker? Was unattractive lighting used throughout the venue? Did sound and lighting work together to strike the right tone? These are all underlying thoughts your attendees will notice.

"My event is small. I don’t need to worry about event production."

No matter the scale, it’s crucial to have a plan for every aspect of the event. Even get-togethers with just 10 guests should have a day-of coordinator, carefully selected lighting and a sound source. Even if it’s just dimly lit overhead lighting, some candles and a speaker to play music, it’s crucial to make these decisions early on.

"I don’t need to hire an event planner. An employee at our company can handle it."

Event production and coordination is a full-time job in itself. It requires deep knowledge of the industry, interaction with vendors and plenty of time to dedicate to the event. Event planning is a job best left to the professionals.

If an employee tries to juggle her desk job with planning a formal corporate event, neither one of the jobs will be done well. Work with the Jacksonville event professionals who have the logistical, technical and creative knowledge to bring your event to life.