Even the basic elements of event production have been ahead of the curve for decades. Before life revolved around smartphones and event invitations went digital, production experts were pushing the envelope of the user experience. Twenty-first-century event rentals combine cutting edge display, sound and media to provide an experience like no other. Sight & Sound brings these elements to events all around Jacksonville. Here are six clear reasons events are better when there’s tech involved:

Reason #1: The Invitation and Ticketing Process is Streamlined

Many formal events choose to stick with classic, mailed invitations. For casual or budget-conscious events, digital invitations are the way to go. Invite platforms now exist on social media, text, apps and email. 

Mobile invites and ticketing allow you to keep costs low and provide more information in one place. This is a perfect option for music festivals, charity dinners and holiday parties.

Reason #2: Drones Capture the Moment from a Different Perspective

Let’s face it, there isn’t a photographer or videographer on the planet who can offer the same perspective as drone footage. We completely recommend you combine all three services to receive photos and videos of every kind. When operated by a professional and within legal guidelines, drones capture aspects of the event from unparalleled angles. 

Some of the best drones on the market are silent and create top-quality video of the guests, beautiful event rentals and the celebration. From outdoor weddings to large casino parties, drones are a cost-effective option to capture every moment.

Reason #3: Live Streaming Allows You to Reach those Who Can’t Attend

It’s safe to assume not everyone you invite to your event will be able to attend. From destination wedding ceremonies to keynote addresses, live streaming is an inexpensive way to include guests who just couldn’t make it. 

Work with your professional event planner to produce live coverage that accurately represents your Jacksonville event. No matter the streaming service you select, it’s important to set up the camera in the right spot and under perfect lighting.

Ensure Your Gathering Includes On-Trend Event Rentals

The team of event coordinators, designers and tech experts at Mugwump Productions use top trends and advanced technology to bring events to life. We constantly evolve our services to give our clients the very best. 


“They were always so enthusiastic and helpful. Their communication was very impressive and their kind, helpful, and sincere personalities definitely made it a top-notch customer experience. I highly recommend!”

- Jane C., Google Review

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