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Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the latest trends in audio visual equipment that make huge impacts on event experiences. No matter the nature of your event, it’s essential to incorporate these modern trends. Due to the high cost of brand new technology, it’s always smart to rent audio visual equipment from your local production company, like Sight & Sound Productions.

Savvy event planners use AR and VR for marketing, improved event experiences and increased income from the event. Take a look at our professional recommendations on how to put this exciting technology to use.  

First, it’s Important to Understand what These Terms Mean

  • Augmented Reality (AR) uses a device like your smartphone to place computer-generated images into your screen view of the real world. The best example of this is Pokémon Go.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) actually places you “in” a certain experience, like in outer space or on the field at a Jaguars game. This technology uses VR headsets to generate the experience.

Now that you recognize the difference between AR and VR, it’s easier to envision how they may play a role in your next event.

Tactic #1: Use VR to Increase Interest and Ticket Sales

One of the strongest advantages of AR and VR technology is its ability to give users a glimpse into what they could be doing. When used strategically as part of your marketing strategy, VR is a great way to entice attendees with your event selling points.

From a walk-through of your incredible venue to giving the user a front row seat during a speaking engagement, VR entices users to purchase tickets to the real thing.

Tactic #2: AR is the Entertainment Aspect You’ve Been Missing

AR takes the attendee experience to the next level through immersive offerings. The option to rent audio visual equipment to provide exciting options like interactive golf simulators and AR photo booths make it practical and affordable.

It’s important to provide guests fun experiences that stand out from anything they’ve seen. AR allows you to introduce mind-blowing experiences, even within a conference room or tradeshow hall.

Tactic #3: Use AR or VR to Highlight New Products or Services

Companies can use AR and VR technology to give attendees a glimpse of something new to come. Whether you own an insurance agency or sell bicycles, there’s always a creative way to put VR to use.

Great ways to use this tactic include:

  • A car dealership event can allow attendees to race its expensive new sports car using VR technology
  • Real estate agents can use VR to walk attendees through new commercial and residential listings
  • A furniture company can use AR to show users a true-to-scale idea of how a new product looks in a room

Trust the Production Experts to Improve the Event Experience

AR and VR are exciting, unbelievable pieces of technology that can feel intimidating to actually implement. Sight & Sound’s team of seasoned professionals make it their job to master technologies like these.

Reach out to us to rent audio visual equipment and create an incredible experience for attendees at your next event.