Nothing quite compares to a perfectly illuminated event filled with beautiful decor and cheerful attendees. One of the most crucial aspects of corporate events is the type of lighting you use throughout the venue. It’s easy to fall into the trap that lighting just isn’t that important. If you’ve ever been to an event in Jacksonville with poor lighting, you know firsthand this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Sight & Sound lighting experts have created this go-to guide to help ease the burden of this important decision.

Decorative Lighting Elevates Any Event Design


Professional lighting designers love this popular lighting option for company-hosted events. But what is Gobos lighting, exactly? A logo, mission statement or image of your choice is placed in front of a special spotlight to project a silhouette throughout the venue. 

Full-color images and simple silhouettes are both great lighting statements for corporate events of all kinds. It’s important to work closely with your Sight & Sound lighting expert to finalize your Gobos design.

Round Table


Eye-popping uplights are a simple way to set the tone for your event and change the look of the room throughout the evening. From simple white light to color-changing neon, uplighting has a place in events of all kinds. 

The Sight & Sound crew likes to strategically use uplighting to draw your guests’ attention to certain aspects of the venue. Towering columns, beautiful fabric treatments, and large windows are all made more beautiful with carefully placed uplighting.

Dynamic ligthing Belk 2006 rainbow lighting
Brooks Rehab Awards Dinner
Christ's Church 100 Yr Sentenial 120

Use a Stage Wash Set-Up to Keep the Area Illuminated

If your event requires an elevated area for speakers and entertainment, stage wash lighting is the best way to evenly light every area of the stage. Lighting experts typically use floodlights to create this “wash” effect.

Stage wash lighting for your event is open to endless color choices. It’s important to choose a color (or colors) that reflects the purpose of your event and is flattering to your speakers and entertainment.

KLS Martin Nationals Party Food station

Accent Lighting is a Great Way to Set the Right Tone

Pin Lights

Pin spots are narrow spotlights with specialized bulbs that maximize the impact of illuminated features around your venue. Pin lights in the color of your choice are great for drawing attention to floral centerpieces, an open bar area and so much more. 

Think of pin lights as just one part of your overall lighting design. They’re intended to work alongside overhead lights, uplighting or candles to give your space the look you want.

Overhead House Lights are Great On Occasion

Overhead lighting can make or break a venue space. Even if your venue’s lighting configuration comes with a dimmer switch, there’s a good chance it will still need to be altered to illuminate your event. 

Overhead house lights are a great option for daytime corporate events like luncheons, trade shows, and conferences. Discuss your options with a lighting professional.

Tent with purple lighting
Circle Bar With Dynamic Lighting

Moving Lights are a Dynamic Option for Events of All Kinds

Moving lights are a must for Jacksonville events of all budgets and sizes. A great way to capture the attention of your attendees is to map out the moving lights to highlight specific aspects of the venue. Mobile head fixtures use digitally controlled motors to specify the location of the light and speed of the movement. 

Lighting is one of the most exciting ways to customize corporate events. Talk with the Sight & Sound professionals about your lighting options today.