With the necessity to move events online, quality video recording matters more than ever. Capitalize on your live online events by extending their life with video recording. At Sight & Sound Productions, we specialize in video production. We understand what it takes to produce superior videos whether online or in-person.

How Quality Video Recording Helps Your Business

• Reach a larger audience
• Produce ongoing value
• Added marketing collateral
• Bigger return on investment (ROI)
• Increase virtual community and online following
• Drive brand awareness

Tips for Successful Live Event Video Recording

Producing video from live events offers many benefits. Yet, the quality of the video impacts how well the content preforms. Work with a trusted and experienced AV production company, like Sight & Sound Production, to achieve quality video recordings that support your business goals.

1) Develop a Clear Event Concept

Start by defining the purpose of the event and the video content. Produce the two in combination from the start. The video recording shouldn’t be an afterthought. Design the entire event with the video production in mind.

Build a coherent plan to tie the event to a theme with consistent messaging. Ask yourself what business result you want from the event. Then, select a tone, topics and speakers based on the desired result. Focus on brand awareness, and align the event with your brand image.

2) Invest in Professional Planning

Video production is not a DIY project! The equipment required to produce top-quality video costs a lot. Plus, most individuals don’t have the technical experience to capture events on camera with the best sound and light.

Sight & Sound Productions has the equipment and knowledge to produce professional video recordings. With today’s added social distancing measures, video recordings are even more challenging to do well. Work with the professional AV company that will create a plan from start to finish to bring your live event to life online and on video.

3) Quality Production

The most critical elements for quality video include sound, cameras and lighting. Cheap production will result in cheap video quality. Sound is especially vital to engage audiences through video. This includes production elements like voice overs and music.

Even with social distancing and event restrictions, we can put the right equipment and people in place to produce viewable and valuable content. Don’t underestimate the importance of getting the details right for quality video production.

4) Communicate Style Expectations

Now that many live events take place from the participants’ homes, it’s vital to establish guidelines for a unified style. If everyone has different backgrounds or colors on screen, the results will look like a mess.

Instead, communicate expectations, like a white background or plain colored top. These elements sound simple, but details determine quality. Plus, most guests or speakers will appreciate the guidance.

Take Video Recordings to the Next Level

If you are spending the time, money and energy to host an event, get the most value out of your investment. Video recording offers a great way to extend the benefit of a live event. Contact Sight & Sound Productions to request a quote for video event production.