Large-scale event technology and offerings evolve immensely every single year. Event attendees expect certain amenities in 2019 that just weren’t around a few years ago. From live streaming options to interactive photo booths, tech integrations are the way of the future for themed events in Jacksonville. 

Do you have an event coming up? The Sight & Sound team of planning and audio visual experts are here with smart tips to improve your attendees’ experience.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming Expands Your Audience and Promotes Interaction

Offering your guests the ability to share their experience online is invaluable. Attendees are able to relay important information from the gala, conference or seminar with other likeminded individuals. 

From a financial and marketing standpoint, live streaming through Facebook (or another popular streaming service) is a cost-effective way to promote your company to a larger audience. People who can’t attend your event now have the opportunity to engage with your business and mission in a whole new way.

Live Streaming Service

Relay Information with 4K Displays and VR Systems

Themed events that involve speaker presentations now have the opportunity to improve their display offerings. Work with your local sound and audio experts to project top-quality video on different surfaces around the venue. 

Social media walls, buzz centers and large display boards are great ways to engage attendees at all times. Gone are the days of boring downtime between speakers. Promote your dedicated event hashtag, live stream speeches from earlier and run sponsor advertisements. Advanced digital displays are a great way to make your event more profitable and interact with your guests even during downtime.

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Boost the Mood with an Interactive Photobooth

Your attendees will certainly appreciate a fun break from business discussions at some point during the day. Along with snacks, drinks and contests, it’s smart to offer people a way to remember their experience. 

Modern photobooths are so much more than some props and a backdrop. Touchscreen displays and facial recognition allow users to customize their experience with fun virtual offerings. When attendees print or digitally download their pictures, automatically add your event logo and hashtag to their photo reel.

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Create an Experience Like No Other With the Help of Sight & Sound Productions

When it comes to themed events in Jacksonville, no other team offers the expertise and tech advancements of Sight & Sound. It’s our top priority to create an event experience that promotes engagement amongst your attendees. Through modern technology and personalized decor, our team creates corporate events like no other.

Do you need help bringing your next event to life? Chat with the Sight & Sound themed events experts to get started.

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