Live streaming grew in popularity over the last few years. Adoption of this trend developed due to the versatility of allowing people to remotely participate in events from anywhere. Even with limited budgets or travel options, attendees can experience an event in real time.

Now, in the face of restrictions for live events, even late adopters have embraced live streaming as a productive technology solution. However, without the right equipment, experience and planning, live streaming has the potential for disaster. Keep your event on track and professional by partnering with AV experts. When done right live streaming produces great ROI, engagement and a positive reputation for your valuable events.

Sight & Sound Productions has the equipment and expertise to make your live streaming event a success. Not only that, but we know how to produce live streaming events to increase audience engagement and attendance. Contact us today to request a quote for your next event.


Benefits of Live Streaming

  • Extend reach
  • Alternative to restrictions for live events
  • Build virtual community and increase number of followers
  • Keep your organization on-trend and relevant
  • Increase event attendees
  • More options for speakers throughout the country or even globally
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Steps to Make Your Live Streaming Event a Success


1 – Hire a Professional AV Company

We’ve worked in AV for over 30 years helping all types of organizations host events, both in-person and online. During this time, we’ve seen events fail because of substandard equipment, planning or experience.

Make your live streaming event a success. Work with professionals that understand how to create a flow for your event while ensuring the sound, lighting, video and internet all work together seamlessly to produce a professional experience for your attendees.


2 – Promote the Event

Even with the best production, the event fails if no one attends. Create a marketing plan for the event to ensure your target market knows about the event. Use a variety of marketing channels, like social media, video, email and more to engage your audience and invite them to attend.

Create a hashtag for the event and encourage attendees and influencers to share the event on social media using the hashtag. Build hype and excitement before the event.


3 – Plan a Fun and Engaging Live Stream

Planning is key to successful events! At Sight & Sound Productions, we help event managers create an effective plan for the live stream. We define each detail to ensure the right equipment and people are in the right places at the right times. Otherwise, you risk a disjointed and disappointing event.

Planning offers a roadmap for the entire project from the initial stages to post-event follow up. Gain a reputation with speakers and attendees for easy, fun and engaging events. This helps to create more demand for future events.


4 – Use Content Ongoing

Did you know a live streaming event offers more than just the day of experience? When you partner with Sight & Sound Productions, you receive quality video and audio from the event to use later. These valuable resources then act as ongoing marketing materials.

Post clips, share videos, create post-event packages for purchase and use content to promote your next event. This adds to the ROI for your live streaming event.


Create a Successful Live Streaming Event

Sight & Sound Productions offers full-service live streaming event production. We are here to help you produce the best event possible with the right knowledge, experience and equipment. Contact us today to request a quote for live streaming events.

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