Taking lead on the management and execution of a single event is often an overwhelming challenge. Planning multiple events at the same time? That can be pure chaos if you’re not prepared. Event production companies train for years to master the juggling act of multi-event coordination. If you’re ready to put your patience and preparation to the test, we’re here to help.

3 Simple Solutions to Minimize the Stress of Multi-Event Planning

Whether the events are three hours apart or three months, it’s crucial to take the right steps to ensure smooth outcomes. Whether you’re planning awards galas, fundraisers, luncheons or a combination of the three, here are a few expert tips that lead to successful events.

1. Maintain a Planning and Promotions Calendar With Your Team

You aren’t just keeping track of one caterer, entertainer and advertising spend. Depending on the magnitude of your upcoming events, you could be managing dozens of vendors.

It can quickly become difficult to keep track of expenses, advertising and attendees. Use an event promotion calendar to keep everything in one place. If an email is scheduled to go out or you need to pay the deposit for a vendor, put it on the calendar. Take it one step further and color-code the calendar to represent different categories (social media/advertising, payments, etc.)

Assign one person as the lead for each task or task category. The best way to ensure successful events is by holding team members accountable.

2. Automate and Outsource Time Consuming Aspects

You don’t want to spend all of your time on marketing and promotions, you want to spend your time on the most important aspect -- the event experience. Essentials like advertising, email communication with attendees and social media can all be automated.

As one of the leading event production companies in Jacksonville, we’ve seen tedious tasks like social media posts distract from the overall planning process. There are plenty of websites and phone applications that make scheduling ahead easy and painless.

Dedicate a couple of days before the chaos begins to social media, email and ad design and scheduling. In fact, this is a great responsibility for an intern or a new team member.

3. Partner With Vendors and Fellow Employees You Can Trust

A great way to minimize your stress is to work with experienced vendors like Sight & Sound Productions. Do your due diligence and read online reviews and talk to associates before hiring a company. It’s important to work with vendors that have great reputations around the community for timeliness, reliability and honesty.

“We have used Sight & Sound for several meetings (really all of our meetings) and take them with us throughout the state of Florida when we travel. They are professional, knowledgeable, reliable and fun to work with. Jon Davis runs an outstanding operation.”

- Vistage Florida, Sight & Sound Productions Client

The success of your events comes down to your partners and team members. From interns to event production companies, the best thing you can do is keep trustworthy, hardworking people in your corner.

Work With Sight & Sound to Ensure a Stress-Free Process

Successful multi-event planning and production require advanced knowledge of the events industry. The smartest decision you can make is to partner with an event planner that possesses the resources and expertise to simultaneously plan multiple events.

Sight & Sound Productions is honored to be the premier resource for event production, event planning and lighting services in northeast Florida. Reach out to our team to get started on your multi-event planning today.