Those stagnant gaps of time between speaking engagements and activities are untapped sources of entertainment. Advances in audio visual technology take guest experiences to the next level. A great way to captivate attendees and generate revenue is to introduce social media stations. When you're able to rent top-quality audio visual technology from Sight & Sound, interactive guest experiences are possible for events of all sizes. and budgets.

What Exactly Is This New Audio Visual Technology?

Social media walls are created with large TV screens, projectors or LED screens to display up-to-date social posts discussing the event. You can fully customize what your guests see -- posts that use your event hashtag, videos of speakers and sponsor advertisements are all great options.

These audio visual upgrades do much more than entertain your attendees during downtimes. A designated event hashtag encourages your guests to start an online buzz about the event. Not only does their post go onto the big screen, but all of their social media followers catch a glimpse into your brand, mission and purpose.

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How to Make the Most of Social Media Walls

The walls and buzz centers do so much more than project Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts. Your company can rent audio visual walls large enough to display multiple feeds. Here’s an example of how to fully take advantage of the wall:

  • Use a corner of the screen to flash between different pieces of advertising content. Short commercial videos and logo slideshows are great ways to sell sponsorships and grow brand recognition. Bonus tip: use the ad space on the social media wall as a perk of the top-level sponsor package.
  • When you encourage attendees to use your event hashtag, your company gains priceless access to organic social media content. Save some of your favorite guest-generated posts from the event and use them in marketing campaigns down the road.
  • Pay close attention to the captions and comments your attendees create on their posts. Your company will gain valuable insight into the highs and lows of the event. Opinions on speakers, quality of the venue and overall value will all come out on these posts. This is a far more natural and unobtrusive way to collect feedback from your valued attendees -- no need to send out surveys or comment cards.

Customize Your User Experience With Audio Visual Upgrades

Social media walls and buzz centers are the latest trends in interactive guest experiences. They’re easy to incorporate into events of any scale, require minimal floor space and can be just about any size. Your guests will love the high-tech, conversational approach and event hosts will value the online buzz and sponsorship generation.

Are you ready to take advantage of the powerful benefits of social media? Talk with the Sight & Sound professionals about how to rent audio visual equipment for your next event.

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