One of the most overwhelming commitments you could make is to plan a large corporate event for your company. If you’re in charge of this important project, your best option is to partner with a company that specializes in corporate events. If you’re unsure where to start in the planning process, the Sight & Sound experts are here to share some crucial pieces of advice.

Capture the Important Moments with a Professional Videographer

It’s no secret that digital footage is invaluable to a company for marketing purposes. When you hire a videographer to record speakers and attendee discussions, you create valuable content that can be shared for years.

Use the long-form footage to create short clips perfect for your website and social media. Hours of video allows your business to advertise the event and entice new attendees to join. Short social media posts and occasional emails used to be ideal forms of promotion. These days, it’s all about high-quality video clips and interactive digital content.

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Charging Stations Keep Your Attendees Plugged In

Nothing’s worse than your phone dying midway through an important event. Give your attendees the peace of mind they need with charging stations for all of their electronic devices. If you expect people to use phones, laptops and iPads, provide the necessary connectivity to stay charged.

Charging stations are an essential piece of equipment to rent for medium-to-large corporate events. Sight & Sound Productions provides cutting-edge stations to accommodate devices of all kinds.

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Eliminate Confusion at Every Stage of the Event

Arrival and departure checkpoints should be free of frustration for every attendee. Whether you plan to offer valet parking, free transportation or wayfinding signage, you must clearly communicate all information to your attendees in advance.

The last thing you want is attendees to show up frustrated or exhausted. Communicate with them through scheduled email blasts, traditional mail and text greetings with crucial info.

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On-Site Management Improves Event Flow and Experience

One of the smartest decisions you can make is to hire a day-of corporate events coordinator. The Sight & Sound team provides full-service event planning, production and coordination for events all over Jacksonville.

Don’t become overwhelmed trying to plan everything on your own. Partner with a team that specializes in corporate events to avoid confusion and over-spending. Sight & Sound Productions has proudly served the Jacksonville area since 1987.

Get started on your next event today. Reach out to the Sight & Sound professionals to begin the planning process.