The world as we know it is changing every day. While we’re currently in a season of social distancing and extreme safety precautions, we will one day be back to sharing experiences with our friends and coworkers. While the current state of COVID-19 affairs isn’t bliss for anyone, it certainly gives us the opportunity to reflect on our processes. We won’t be wearing masks and gloves forever, but there are a few precautionary takeaways we can apply to future events to keep your event speakers safe and healthy.

1. Disinfect AV Equipment After Each Use

We’re talking about any and all equipment a person touches while on stage. Here’s a shortlist (but there’s a good chance you have to add more).

  • Microphones
  • Wireless presenters
  • Cue light remotes
  • Podiums
  • Stage handrails

2. Have Hand Sanitizer Available

Hand sanitizer to keep event speakers and guests safe and healthy

Constant access to hand sanitizer is a must in 2020 and beyond. Even with the virus out of the spotlight, our society as a whole has reached a whole new level of cleanliness. Keep your speaker’s anxiety at bay with this new basic necessity.

In fact, health and event experts recommend you provide multiple access points. Depending on the configuration of your event, some acceptable sanitation spots include:

  • The AV tech table provides immediate access to hand sanitizer for speakers exiting the stage and for AV technicians to use before and after they handle equipment.
  • On the central stage podium (or a nearby table) to be accessed after accepting awards and shaking hands.

3. Ensure None of Your AV Techs or Event Planners are Sick or Show Symptoms

The Sight & Sound event professionals recommend you include a health disclosure in your correspondence leading up to the event. Request all attendees, speakers and hired experts to refrain from coming if they feel sick in any way. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Coronavirus, it’s that eliminating contamination potential is crucial.

You can take this precaution one step further by hanging a tasteful sign outside the venue where your support staff enters. Guests will appreciate the extra measures you take to ensure the safety of everyone in attendance.

4. Allow for Hand Washing Breaks for Your AV Team

Hand washing for event precautions and safety

It’s common for audio visual professionals to manage the behind-the-scenes details with little room for downtime. Break their concentration (for just a minute or two!) so they can sanitize their station and thoroughly wash their hands. The CDC outlines very clear guidelines on when and how to wash your hands.

As a general rule, encourage the AV team to head to the restroom to wash their hands every few hours, especially before and after they take a meal break. Make sure the soap dispenser is always stocked in every bathroom accessed by guests and staff.

5. Ask if Your Presenters Have Any Requests for Items to Keep them Comfortable

Everyone has different accommodations that keep them feeling safe and comfortable. Send a quick email or text to your speakers a few days before the event to ask for special requests. This may seem excessive, but it goes a long way in solidifying your relationship with each speaker/presenter.

Ensure the Highest Level of Event Safety by Seeking the Expertise of Sight & Sound Productions

We’re here for you in more ways than one. From managing the countless variables of your event to assisting with safety precautions, Sight & Sound Productions understands the value of speaker and attendee safety. Nothing is more important than the health and wellness of every person who walks through your venue, so we do whatever precautions necessary to keep your event speakers safe and your attendees healthy.

Contact us today for advice on event safety or to discuss ideas for your upcoming event.