Hotel and venue contracts are anything but straightforward. You could partner with the most honest, reliable business in Jacksonville and it’s still important to vet the information before you sign. If you’re unsure about some of the line items, the Sight & Sound corporate events professionals are here to provide clarification. 

The Right Room Selection is Crucial

So many aspects of the venue space should be considered before signing the final papers. It’s important to factor in your event’s tech requirements, list of attendees and purpose before you select the perfect space. Here’s why:

  • Consider a standard stage footprint of 12x24 feet when booking entertainment and designing the seating layout
  • The first row of seats and tables must be at least 3 feet in front of the last AV element
  • Allow enough space in the room for a full 4x12 feet tech table

Ensure Enough Time for Set-Up and Tear Down

Some of the best venues for corporate events around Jacksonville allot 24 hours before the event for set-up. Of course, this is rarely the case. Many venues host back-to-back events and can’t grant such a large buffer of time between events. 

The necessary loading time largely depends on your event size and type. If you want to play it safe and leave no room for error, 8-to-12 hours is plenty of time to load in your decor and finalize the design. 

Allow 4 hours for rehearsals, 2 hours for your team to finalize the seating chart and furniture location and 1 hour for all of the important finishing touches. It’s always smart to slowly make a final round to check the place settings, ensure the bar is stocked and finalize details with your AV experts

Don’t Neglect Your Event Tech

WiFi and high-speed internet are just as important as chairs these days. If your event lacks a quality connection to the outside world, your attendees will notice within the first few minutes. Avoid causing an uproar and find a venue with the right internet access. 

Not many event hosts know how to negotiate certain items before signing the contract. High-quality WiFi access is one of those line items worth negotiating. Evaluate your connection needs based on the number of attendees and the tech you plan to use, then make your requests in writing. Be sure to ask whether the venue or a third-party service provides the connection. 

Eliminate Confusion and Partner with Jacksonville’s Corporate Event Experts

The Sight & Sound professionals work diligently to produce top-quality events for companies all over Jacksonville. From corporate luncheons to elaborate galas, our team knows exactly what to ask and look for when it comes to reserving a venue. 

Do you need help with the planning process? Contact Sight & Sound today to discuss your vision.