The answer is simple but the explanation is important -- we ask you crucial questions during the planning phase so we can deliver the best equipment and AV solutions to fit your needs. Our team wants the day of the event to be enjoyable for you and free of unexpected obstacles. You should be able to relax and entertain, fully confident that everything behind-the-scenes will go as planned. That’s where Sight & Sound’s Jacksonville AV professionals come in. Here are some of the important questions to expect and why we ask them:

Question 1: What type of event are you organizing?

The way our team produces a small gala is very different from the tech requirements for a car show. Give us specifics about your event purpose and see if it fits into one of the many popular categories: fundraiser, meeting, trade show, luncheon, ceremony, etc. 

When you give us details on the nature of your event, we can best identify the audio visual requirements to make your event successful. No matter the specifics of your event, we provide top-rated AV services for events of all sizes and purposes.

Question 2: What’s the purpose and timeline of events?

Will anyone need access to a microphone or a projector screen? If you plan to have speakers or entertainment, it’s important to work closely with AV experts to best set up the tech requirements.

Question 3: How many people will attend?

The size of your guest lists impacts everything from screen sizes to sound requirements. Let us know how many people you expect so we can accurately recommend the right equipment.

Question 4: What time does the event begin?

This is one of those questions that often confuses people. We ask this question to determine whether or not the room will be too bright for screens or projectors. If your event takes place during peak daylight hours, we’ll work with you to select window treatments.

Question 5: When can we access the venue to set-up? When can we pick up the equipment?

Every venue has different expectations and rules. When you work with Sight & Sound’s in-house event planner, our team takes care of the pre- and post-event timeline for material set-up and tear down.

Question 6: What’s your budget?

We don’t ask this question so that we can maximize your budget. In fact, it’s for the opposite reason. Many hosts are intimidated by this question, but we want to put your mind at ease. 

The sole purpose of expense-related questions is to make sure our recommendations are safely within your budget. We don’t want you to fall in love with an idea if it’s nowhere near what you plan to spend. The Sight & Sound team can always find cost-effective solutions to make your event incredible.

Discuss Your Event Details with the Sight & Sound AV Experts

Audio visual production is the glue that holds an event together. Do you have answers to these important questions and think you’re ready to get started? Our local professionals are here to help. Contact Sight & Sound today to begin planning your next large- or small-scale event.